Experienced Department of Labor (DOL) Doctors in Houston

dol doctor costello

Jim Costello, D.C.

"I believe that a health care should be person focused and not just a label or diagnosis. Being injured can be scary and having an advocate that can help keep the focus on healing, restoring function, and improving a patient’s situation is pivotal.

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dol owcp claims nurse

Nancy Lopez, C.N.A.

Nancy is our clinical nurse assistant. She works under the doctor's supervision to provide excellent patient care to all of our federal workers that have been injured.

dol owcp claims manager

Yessy Enriquez

Yessy Enriquez is an experienced case manager that offers free DOL-OWCP claims assistance to all of our federal employee patients. Yessy will work with you to make sure you've properly completed the right forms and that your claim is filed correctly.

About Department of Labor (DOL) Doctors

Often times injured federal workers will be encouraged by their employing agency to choose a particular doctor to treat their injury and oversee their DOL-OWCP injury claim. But the Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA) affords every injured federal employee the right to choose their own treating doctor regardless of what their agency says, so long as the doctor is a DOL doctor (in the Department of Labor network). Our patients have chosen us to be their DOL doctor because they know, in doing so, they have chosen a doctor that will put their needs first without any obligation to the employer.


Did your supervisor inform you that you have the right to choose your own treating doctor? Did you know that you are not obligated to see the "company doctor" that your agency recommended? You can choose a doctor who puts you, the patient, first and works with you to get all the compensation benefits you need and deserve!

Our Houston DOL doctors are committed to the highest ethics and providing the best care to every single one of our patients and will work diligently to provide the full measure of care, treatment, and rehab they need. They work promptly and efficiently to get you the care and benefits you deserve in a timely manner.

DOL Doctors Specialize in Handling Claims and Caring for Federal Workers

Injured federal employees can become easily overwhelmed by the challenge of dealing with the ins and outs of a federal workers compensation claim. The paperwork seems endless and the wait can become frustrating. This is why our DOL doctors in Houston go the extra mile and offer free claims assistance by an experienced case manager. Call our clinic today and schedule a free consultation to learn more about our process and how we can help you throughout the entire DOL-OWCP claims process.

Experienced in Department of Labor (DOL) Injuries

The federal workers compensation experience our DOL doctors have help them to offer the very best in patient care and treatment. Their ability to anticipate challenges and work through obstacles in the claims process helps each patient have the confidence that they are getting the injury care they need and deserve. We strive to make the entire process as seamless and painless as possible for every federal worker we see.

The Cost of a DOL Doctor

There shouldn't be any costs billed to the patient if he or she is seeking medical care for an injury that occurred while working for the federal government. If you have been billed by a doctor for our injury treatment, beware. Your doctor may not know how to properly work within the guidelines of the federal workers compensation program. Our DOL doctors will be available for a continual and open dialogue with you, the injured patient, so that you know what injuries are compensable and which treatments and/or therapies are available to address the compensable injury.

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