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It is not an overstatement to say that the single most important factor in winning a DOL-OWCP injury claim is a well written Employee Statement. Regardless of how reputable your provider is, or how solid you believe your case to be, your Employee Statement can make or break your case.

A few tips...

  • Write with the OWCP representative in mind. You are not writing your Employee Statement to impress your doctor or your employing agency, you are writing to properly describe your injury and its relationship to the job duties and circumstances surrounding it.
  • Leave no ambiguiites. Be very detailed with your report and be sure to make clear the circumstances that led to your injury.
  • Utilize the help of an experienced claims representative. An experienced claims manager can help you with proper wording that accurately describes your case.

What is a Traumatic Injury?

In simple terms, injured federal workers should file a CA-1 if they suffered a traumatic injury and a CA-2 if the federal employee suffers from an occupation disease or illness. But how does an federal worker know if his/her injury is a traumatic one? Many DOL Doctors and case managers use the following questions to help a federal worker determine if they've suffered a traumatic injury and are, therefore, eligible to request Continuation of Pay (COP):

  1. What happened to cause the injury?
  2. Where did the injury occur?
  3. When did the injury take place?
  4. Why was the federal employee injured?
  5. How was the federal worker injured?

"(A traumatic injury is) a wound or other condition of the body caused by an external force, including stress or strains."

In short, if the circumstances surrounding the federal injury are readily clear by answering these questions, then the injured worker should file the CA-1 file and select the Continuation of Pay (COP) option. The injured worker should then proceed by filing a CA-16 form in order to receive Authorization for Medical Treatment

What is a Schedule Award

schedule award

Schedule Award is what the DOL-OWCP calls monetary payments to federal employees who have been injured on the job and have lost function in one or more of their body parts. The payments are given out for a prescribed number of weeks, hence the term "schedule". The number of weeks the employee can receive their schedule award benefits is predetermined based on which body part suffered loss of function. 

For instance, an injured federal employee who loses their eye, or the function of their eye, will receive payment for 160 weeks. An injured government worker who lost their arm, or the function of their arm, due to a work-related injury will receive 312 weeks of compensation pay as part of their schedule award.

Schedule awards are paid for the permanent damage and impairment done to the body member or organ and are not related to the employee's loss of earning capacity."

If you have been injured while working for a government agency and you feel you are entitled to a schedule award, or if you have had difficulty getting a schedule award, please call our clinic and schedule an impairment rating.

The Importance of Filing Correctly

work injury claim approved

Many federal workers compensation claims are lost because of incorrect and improper filing. If an injured federal employee desires to get all the benefits and compensation that are due to them because of their work injury, the federal worker must take the steps and caution to file their claim according to best practices. This usually means working with a case manager or OWCP expert in order to ensure the correct forms are completed and that the forms are completed in such a way that accurately demonstrate the circumstances and causes associated with the injury.

One of the most important components to a properly filed claim is a good, strong, detailed employee statement. The employee must take the time to prepare a solid statement that includes a good job duty statement. The injured federal employee will also need a good medical report.

"Without these two main ingredients it becomes almost impossible to successfully win claims." - L. Perez, Federal Workers' Compensation Made Easy

Again, if you've been injured while under employ by the federal government, it is important that you process your DOL-OWCP claim correctly. Otherwise, you could lose your benefits. This is why DIrect Medical Healthcare offers free claims assistance and case management. We want to make sure the federal workers we treat get all the medical benefits they deserve according to the Federal Employee Compensation Act.

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