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Continuation of Pay (COP) for Injured Federal Workers

The year 1974 saw two major amendments to the Federal Employee Compensation Act. The first major change, as previously discussed, was the right for all injured federal employees to choose their own doctor. The second amendment, which we will briefly discuss below, was the right for injured federal employees to receive continuation of pay. Prior to 1974, injured federal workers had to endure long delays in paperwork before receiving their back pay. Many of the injured federal workers would succumb to financial hardships during these delays. Some would end up losing their homes and going completely bankrupt. Many suspected that the long delays in paperwork were intentional and were used as a way to force the injured worker back to work before his or her injury was properly cared for. Now injured federal employees are able to to receive continuation of pay the first 45 calendar days following their work injury.

Read more about Continuation of Pay (COP) for injured federal workers at http://www.fedsmith.com/2012/01/25/days-free-leave-cop-continuation-pay/.

Postal Employee Recovering After Collision

Veteran postal employee and mail carrier Mickey Wheeley is recovery following a collision he experienced while performing his mail carrier duties on his North Carolina route. His injuries occurred when a woman in a Mazda Tribute slammed into his vehicle from behind. The driver of the Mazda was briefly seen for non-life-threatening injuries. Wheeley, though not in immediate danger of losing his life, suffered more severe injuries.

Despite the accident, Wheeley maintains his love for the United States Postal Service and says he looks forward to returning to his route after his injury care is completed.

"I always dreamed of being with the post office... I've only got six or eight more months... I'm hoping to get back as soon as possible."

Read more about this postal employee injury at this article's source: http://myfox8.com/2016/02/10/graham-postal-worker-credited-with-saving-someones-life-now-in-need-of-prayers-himself/

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