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Injured? What Do You Do?

When an injury happens on the job, sometimes it’s hard to know what to do next. A lot of people are concerned that taking time off will jeopardize their standing with the company or lead to lost wages that are vital to the support of their family.

It is important to understand your compensation rights as provided under the OWCP compensation plan. As an employer, the US government provides benefits to federal workers who are hurt on the job and to the families of those employees who may suffer death on the job. For those who are injured, this includes costs related to treatment, therapy, medications, necessary medical devices, transportation costs etc. These costs may include vocational rehab training as well. Additionally, coverage is available for temporary total disability, permanent disability and even death.

If you are injured at work, you will need to file a OWCP claim in order to get a review of your file. In the case of an injury, you should notify your employer within 30 days and make sure that your federal workers compensation case gets a review with the OWCP. Additionally, an injury sustained on the job needs to be diagnosed by a doctor. Make sure to use a doctor (one of your choice, not the employer’s) that is familiar with the process of handling federal workers’ injury claims to ensure that the proper documentation is provided. 

Being hurt on the job can be scary, but taking the time to make sure you go through the proper procedures so that you get the compensation that you need can alleviate much of that anxiety and get you the compensation that you deserve.

Private Doctor Treatment

According to one article, military veterans may soon be able to select their own primary care doctor. In 2014, the Commission on Care was setup to develop and investigate ways to improve access to health care for veterans. The VA hasn’t exactly had a shining reputation lately and many veterans feel like their access to quality health care has been limited or altogether blocked. This limited access has led to death for some veterans seeking care.

The Commission on Care has recommended that one way for this access to be increased is to allow veterans to select their own primary care physician. Eligible doctors would need to be credentialed by the Veterans Administration's health care system. While the VA has made progress in getting treatment to veterans who need it and reducing their backlog, it is important for veterans who have sustained long term injuries serving in combat to receive the best available care. 

It’s a sad indictment that any veteran would sacrifice his or her body and mental well being for the good of the nation; only to find that returning to civilian life is fraught with obstacles to the care they need as a result of their service. The availability of private primary care physicians could increase veteran medical treatment and ease the burden on the already beleaguered VA.


New DOL Funding for Disabled Job Training

The Department of Labor has made the decision to make over $15 million available for those with disabilities who are looking to enter the workforce. In an effort to expand workplace opportunities, this money will be divided up and distributed across eight different grants that will range from $1.5 to $2.5 million apiece. “People with disabilities have tremendous talents and ideas to contribute to our workplaces, our communities and our nation’s economy,” said U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez. “The funding … will help to prepare these workers for good jobs and build strong ladders of opportunity to the middle-class.”

According to a summary of the DOL plan, “The purpose of this program is to provide funding to expand the capacity of American Job Centers (AJCs), also known as One-Stop Centers, to improve the employment outcomes of three population focus areas: (1) Adults (ages 18 and older) with visible and non-visible disabilities, including those who have acquired disabilities in adulthood; (2) youth (ages 14-24) with visible and non-visible disabilities, including those who have chronic health conditions; and (3) individuals (ages 14 and older) with significant disabilities.” While two of the areas of focus are geared toward younger, more significantly disabled individuals, the first category is good news for those injured in the workplace. New funds are being made available to help train those individuals to reenter the work force as they deal with their disability.

This initiative is another move by the DOL to increase employment opportunities among the disabled. Since 2010, the Labor Department claims to have made more than $109 million to 43 state workforce agencies in 27 states in an effort to improve employment outcomes. For more information on the grant, go to www.doleta.gov

Properly Filing a CA-Form for Occupational Disease or Illness

We've listed below 5 important steps to properly filing a successful CA-2 claim:

  • Take the time to annotate a meticulously detailed employee statement that completely describes the employment factors and how they caused, aggravated, accelerated, or precipitated the occupational disease or illness.
  • Review your statement with a OWCP claims expert who has experience in successfully filing CA-2s.
  • Give your doctor a copy of the employee statement and have the doctor complete a medical report that acknowledges and affirms the details in the employee statement as it, too, shows how the work factors lead to the occupational disease or illness.
  • File the CA-2 with your employing agency. Be sure to do so within 30 days of the medical report.
  • Ask for (and insist upon) a receipt when filing the completed CA-2. Also demand a copy of the entire CA-2 form. This copy should include any notes or statements from the employing agency.

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