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Don’t Delay in Filing for Federal Worker’s Compensation

When you get injured on the job, it can create a lot of stress at first. And it usually works out that it happens right when you least expect it or when things are chaotic enough on the job. It can be really tempting to let paperwork and “official” documents get pushed off to the side when you have a busy job or need to catch up on other priorities.

But the last thing you want to do is let any federal work comp paperwork, OWCP claims, and other “important” documents get delayed. When working with the DOL and other organizations or individuals connected to the federal work comp program, you want to make sure that you’re taking the time to properly and expediently file any of the required paperwork.

Of course, it’s important to make sure your health is taken care of first and foremost. If you get hurt on the job, don’t jump straight to the paperwork. Making sure you are safe and healthy is priority number one. You can always figure out the paperwork of federal work comp after.

But as soon as you are physically able to work with your supervisor, ACS provider, doctor, or any other relevant individual about the federal work comp paperwork filing, you want to jump on that before it becomes “too late.”

You see, what happens for employees who take their time is that they forget they have to sign and file certain paperwork until it gets to that “too late” period. And if federal work comp paperwork crosses that threshold, you could lose out on the financial opportunity provided by federal worker’s compensation.

In other words, depending on how it’s set up within your company, you could be stuck with a bill, or your company might. And once the supervisor knows that you didn’t go through the simple steps of filing out your federal work comp information, the responsibility falls on you.

Finishing federal work comp forms isn’t hard, even if it’s not “fun” for most people. But it’s important if you want to get the full advantage of worker’s compensation. Contact us today to learn more about federal work comp and the healthcare options you have available to you in the event of a workplace related injury.

3 Benefits of DOL Doctors

While going through an injury that causes you to deal with OWCP claims and health recovery is a challenging time, trust that there are benefits of calling a DOL doctor. While each person will have their own unique situation that causes them to see a doctor for federal work comp, there are many common reasons that going to a DOL doctor can be a positive part of the process. Here we look at just three of the benefits of seeing a DOL doctor when you are injured.

#1: DOL Doctors Put You First

It can be difficult to understand everything that goes into filing OWCP claims. A DOL doctor puts you first and not only wants to see you have a healthy and strong recovery so that you get back on the job, but also wants to make sure that you get all of the documentation resolved quickly and with complete attention to detail.

#2: Federal Work Comp Doctors Know the Paperwork

The paperwork is a complicated part of the OWCP claims. Whether you work for the USPS and have suffered from an auto accident or you have a job at the VA and had a back injury while lifting, it’s vital that the doctor links the injury with the motions that took place. Because you’ll need to prove this connection to get the most out of your OWCP claims, you need to have a specialist on your side that understands the system.

#3: DOL Doctors Work with a Variety of Patients


DOL doctors work with people from many professions such as the TSA and VA, and they have seen a variety of injuries. Even if the establishment you work for has referred you to a medical professional, you can still find a DOL doctor of your own choosing. 

Are You Filing Your OWCP Claims Correctly?

When you’re injured in the workplace, stress can be high and it can be easy to make quick and snappy decisions when visiting a doctor. It’s highly important that you’re seeking medical attention especially if you may be in a serious medical situation and even in scenarios where you may not be in significant risk.

But did you know that if you don’t file your OWCP claims correctly, you may lose out on all the benefits you’re provided by your work or through your federal work comp programs? This is why it’s vital that you understand which doctors you can go to that will also know how to deal with the DOL and in making OWCP claims. Whether you work in a federal agency, the TSA, USPS, VA, or another business with workers comp benefits, you want to make sure you know all about workers comp and how to file OWCP claims ahead of time.

Of course, it’s better to not need federal work comp or have to make OWCP claims, but there is always the chance that you may need to someday.

If however you’ve gotten an injury recently while on the workplace in the federal government, it makes a bit difference if you can seek someone out who already has experience with OWCP claims. That could be someone in your family or your social circle that has successfully navigated the DOL or OWCP, or someone who is experienced with those systems within your workplace.

Remember that the range of benefits you get from federal work comp is highly dependent on you filing your OWCP claims correctly. You don’t want to misfile or forget something important, or you may be on the hook for a significant bill on your own.

You can always ask your doctor, as most doctors who are experienced in dealing with DOL related checkups will be able to provide some insight and guidance to helping you navigate the federal work comp situation and in filing your OWCP claims correctly.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can file your OWCP claims correctly to ensure you get the full range of benefits from your federal work comp or workers compensation in your place of work.

Doctors are Key

The Department of Labor exists to ensure that those who are seeking employment or who are earning a living by working can work under safe and healthy work environments and the Office of Workers Compensation Programs exists to manage the many programs for injured workers to help them get the treatments and therapies that are needed and return to the workplace.

Any kind of workplace has risks that workers are subject. While many employers seek to minimize those risks, the sheer number of individuals in the workforce dictates that accidents will happen. The OWCP and the DOL work in tandem to ensure that risks are minimized and injuries are properly taken care.

While these government entities provide the resources and the oversight to help injured workers, it is the doctors who deal with patients in their day to day recovery and the doctors are an important part of navigating the paperwork of the workers compensation claims process.

Direct Medical Healthcare is adept at providing medical professionals and resources to injured workers to ensure that they are getting the full advantage of the OWCP. Talk to Direct Medical Healthcare and let us help you get through your claims process smoothly.

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